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There’s a lot of vacuum types in the market from the smallest that would fit snugly into your home to the bigger option for commercial use. All of them served the same function, to clear dirt from your floor and make it look presentable. However, not all of them offer the same additional features or power to make your daily work efficient. For example, a compact handheld vacuum works wonderfully for a small space like your car. It’s something you can tuck under your seat and clean your vehicle when the need arises. Though, you can imagine how this small device that uses either the extension in the car to operate or the rechargeable battery might not fit for a large scale cleaning. You might break your back, attempting to clean a large scale area with it.

Fortunately, you always have options. At Karcher, we have various choices of vacuum you can choose and pick from to decide what’s best for you. What’s more, if you’re looking for something specific to clean warehouse style area, we have excellent choices on our list of Vacuum Sweeper Malaysia. You can choose from our push behind machines or the ones you can ride on for ease of work and use. Find yourself cleaning bigger places with better efficiency as well as save time in the process.

But, what is a vacuumer sweeper you might ask?

A vacuum sweeper is a machine with a sweeper-like extension underneath it. The sweeper functions very much like a broom. This extension helps in getting rid of small particles that a typical nozzle-only vacuum might miss. The rotating of the sweeper also makes it easier to clear corners and pick up more grime off the floor space. The combination of sweeper and suction power will leave you with a cleaner surface too.

Of course, our vacuum sweeper comes in two options. If your floor space is larger like a factory, the ride-on, battery-powered option might be of a battery choice for you. Not only you’ll be able to clean more, but the small design will also make it perfect for confined and congested spaces between rows of pallets or shelves in your buildings. The high level of manoeuvrability means you can also use it for narrow areas such as corridors and corners efficiently. It’s also easy to clean, and if necessary, you can change the parts with little to no problem with a new one.

If you prefer the alternative option of the backbreaking broom sweeping, our walk-behind vacuum sweeper might suit your fancy. The built-in waste container space means you don’t need to carry additional bags as you clean the areas. You can also choose from the manual, battery or petrol-driven options we have — all designed to answer your specific requirements for your cleaning solution as well as budget.

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