Professional Steam Vacuum Cleaners SGV 8/5

Product Description

The easy-to-use SGV 8/5 combines the functions of a steam cleaner and a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Excess water is removed immediately during steaming. With extra cleaning programmes and accessory integration.

The SGV 8/5 leaves nothing to be desired. The extremely user-friendly steam vacuum cleaner offers practical chemical and self-cleaning functions, guaranteeing absolute hygiene and cleanliness. The machine also boasts easy and comfortable operation. The Easy Operation selector switch and ergonomic handle with trigger for controlling the steam and vacuum functions make it easy to learn how to use. All of the functions can be controlled quickly, easily and directly during operation. The state-of-the-art eco!efficiency mode doesn’t just save on costs. Even working in noise-sensitive areas is possible without further steps. The accessories can be stored directly on the machine, protecting them from dirt and ensuring they are always close to hand.

Features and benefits
Extremely user-friendly thanks to EASY Operation

One rotary switch for all functions. Simple and quick handling, with no need for extensive training. Self-explanatory symbols make the machine easy to understand and simplify operation.
Handle with trigger for convenient function control

Time-saving, flexible, easy and direct control of functions during use. The most important functions, like water/steam regulation, can be adjusted and there is an on/off switch for the vacuum function. Easily accessible and securely stored. A carrying frame allows easy removal of the nozzle accessories.
Programs for every application (SGV 8/5)

Self-cleaning mode: cleaning of hoses, pumps and tubes. For restoring hygiene and cleanliness. Chemical function for solvating stubborn dirt with chemical agents (rinse programme protects against aerosols).
Cleaning without chemicals

Hygienic cleaning of hard surfaces without the use of chemical substances.
Dispensing with the use of chemicals protects the environment and saves costs.
Easy removal and disposal of dirty water without direct contact.

Technical data
Heating output (W) 3000
Tank capacity (l) 5 - 5
Cable length (m) 7.5
Steam pressure (bar) 8
Boiler temperature (°C) max. 175
Voltage (V) 220 - 240
Frequency (Hz) 50 - 50
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 640 x 495 x 965
Weight without accessories (kg) 40

Steam suction hose with handle
Steam tubes × 2
Floor nozzle
Hand nozzle
Container material, plastic
Casing, stainless steel


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