Autonomous Driving Vacuum Cleaner V50

Product Description

V50 is an efficient, intelligent, safe, and professional driverless vacuum cleaner with both automatic and manual operation functions.V50 is equipped with environment sensing, automatic mapping, autonomous obstacle avoidance, automatic charging, and other functions, which can help you free yourself from the repetitive and heavy vacuuming work and provide you with a complete one-stop soft/hard floor cleaning solution, effectively saving manpower, reducing the workload of cleaners, and cutting operation and management costs.


Features Fuction
Autonomous obstacle avoidance
Intelligent mapping
control linkage
Break point resume
Cleaning of missed areas
Automatic charging
filling, and draining
Scheduled task
Operation report

Size800 L x700 W x1200 H mmSqueegee width550 mm
Net weight180kgClean water tank capacity80 L
Maximum cleaning efficiency1800 ㎡/hWaste water tank capacity45 L
Battery24V /60Ah,LiFePO4Trash box capacity1 L
Duration 2.5 - 6hOperating noise<70dB(A)
Sweeping width800 mmMaximum slope
Scrubbing width500 mmSensorsLiDAR, ultrasonic sensor, vision
sensor, wheel speedometer,
IMU, collision sensor, anti-fall

Office BuildingTufted Carpet
HotelB;end Carpet
Airport LobbyPlush Carpet
Convention CenterEpoxy Floor
Exhibition HallTerrazzo
Luxury StoreRubble
Ceramic Tile
Pvc Floor

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