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Floor Sweepers for Commercial and Residential Application

As the demand for innovative floor sweepers rises in Malaysia, the supply is equally bulging. There are plenty of floor sweepers in the market for varying taste and preference. Buying the right product will help keep your spaces free of debris and dust. With plenty of models available on the market, we recommend choosing floor sweepers based on superior and innovative features.

What to look for when purchasing a floor sweeper?
The amount of money spent on buying a floor sweeper primarily depends on the desired features and quality. It’s imperative to invest in sophisticated features designed to offer superior performance and with proven durability. While price is an important consideration, it’s essential to think about other profound features before making the purchase.

Whatever the scale of your cleaning project, the weight of the floor sweeper matters! Today, vacuum floor sweepers come in different shapes and sizes. The latest models from Karcher are lighter and more compact without compromising on performance. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about pushing a heavy machine for an extended cleaning session.

Having a light floor sweeper is essential in case your cleaning operation involves moving up and down a flight of stairs. Ideally, your floor sweeper of choice should weigh less compared to traditional alternatives that were cumbersome and unwieldy. Compact floor sweepers have been widely adopted to clean up extensive offices, halls and workshops.

Length of the nozzle hose
Homeowners and professional cleaners generally prefer floor sweeper vacuums with extended nozzle hose. In this regards, they don’t have to move the floor sweeper around the cleaning area as much. However, even with a long nozzle hose, the weight of the cleaning equipment is paramount.

Filtration system
You want a floor sweeper with a superior filtration system that effectively traps the finest dirt particles. The filtration should be easy to maintain and should last for long before the need for replacement.

For allergy-suffers, we recommend buying a floor sweeper with a superior filtration system that effectively eliminates small particles, including dust, pollen, and dander. For optimal filtration capabilities, some filtration systems require periodic replacement after a few months of consistent use.

Noise levels
A lot of customers care about cleaning their rooms without disturbing other people in the environment. Also, pets are easily frightened by traditional floor cleaners that were extremely noisy. Most modern floor sweepers are virtually silent. Karcher models, in particular, have minimal noise, thus enabling you to clean while listening to music or having a conversation.

Your floor sweeper supplier of choice
Karchem Industrial Sdn Bhd offers a complete selection of innovative floor sweepers. Our latest Karcher models are ahead of the curve when it comes to performance and dependability. Are you unsure about the floor sweeper to go with? We will help you identify the ideal product that suits your needs. Contact us today for more detailed product information.

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