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Carpet extractors have been widely adopted, not just in Malaysia, but across the world, to achieve healthier and germ-free carpets. Owning a carpet extractor is a more economical and convenient choice, as opposed to hiring a professional every time you need your carpet cleaned.

How do carpet extractors work?
Modern carpet extractors are highly recommended in removing deeply embedded dirt and stains from carpets. The machines are electric-powered with a powered scrub brush. While the configurations may be different depending on the manufacturers, the basic steps for using carpet extractor are essentially the same.

Modern Karcher carpet extractors come with a range of accessories to enable versatile applications. Popular areas of use include offices, conference halls, hospitals, hotels & restaurants, and malls.

Key benefits

High performance and dependability
Carpet extractors are highly preferred machines to achieve quick and impressive results when cleaning diverse types of carpets and textiles. Suitable products should be manufactured with the operator in mind, to ensure customer satisfaction. You want a cleaning machine that will provide excellent carpet restoration, even for the most demanding commercial use.

Ease of use
There is an increasing demand for carpet cleaning machines that provide utmost convenience. Ideally, a carpet extractor should enable ease of use by anyone, with no training needed. All the controls must be practical and straightforward.

The productivity benefits of carpet extractor are especially important for commercial application. Suitable machines should have large solution and recovery tanks for maximum productivity. Ideally, it should take minimal time to empty and refill the tanks. Also, it’s essential that the carpet dries within the shortest period possible after using the extractor.

Innovative features
Modern carpet extractors come with innovative features that enable superior cleaning capabilities. Also, manufacturers have achieved enhanced ergonomics, while at the same time ensuring no compromise on performance. Also, advanced air filtration is a major selling point in carpet extractors today.

Majority of customers are looking for lightweight and highly portable carpet extractors that will enable quick clean-up. As a customer, you want a carpet extractor that is easy to move with well-sized wheels. Karchem Industrial Sdn Bhd offers some of the most compact carpet extractors in the market, under the Puzzi series. These include:

Puzzi 8/1 C
Puzzi 10/1
Puzzi 10/2 Adv
Puzzi 30/4

The products are ideal for customers looking for an unmatched balance between compactness and performance.

Easy to clean
Besides looking for the carpet extractor that is the easiest to clean with, the machine should also be the simplest to clean out. The importance of properly maintaining your carpet extractor cannot be overlooked.

Today, customers are looking for the most durable and robust carpet extractors that will have longlasting durability. The ideal cleaning machine should provide maximum value for money. For commercial applications, you want a carpet extractor that can handle large volume cleaning jobs fast and efficiently.

Looking for carpet extractors in Malaysia? Karchem Industrial Sdn Bhd is your trusted partner for the latest Karcher models that are highly engineered for performance.

**Note: The above article is written for reading pleasure only. Products and promotion change over time and the offerings in the article may no longer be available. Please get in touch to get the latest information.

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